Vienna Stadtpark

Vienna Austria Tourist Info and City Guide

The largest city park in Vienna Austria is called Stadtpark. It features lush vegetation, a lake and a number of monuments that commemorate famous Viennese composers.

Stadtpark is located just outside Vienna's famous ring road. It can easily be reached from central Vienna by foot or by public transit.

Stadtpark in Vienna Austria
Stadtpark, Vienna Austria

The most famous monument in the city park (Stadtpark) is a gilded bronze statue of Johann Strauß II. First erected in 1921, the Strauss monument is positioned in a marble frame decorated with a relief by Edmund Hellmer.

This famous Viennese monument often appears in postcards and on calendars.

The Wienfluss (Vienna River) is a picturesque canal that runs from Stadtpark to the Danube River. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk to the Danube along the canal.

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